Foto Source Canada Inc. is the largest national photo buying/marketing group in Canada, made up of over 125 retail stores. These stores are owned and operated by local independent business people.

Our expert staff, coupled with our buying volume and marketing initiatives enables Foto Source stores to offer exceptional service and competitive prices. It all comes down to providing outstanding value for you.

Foto Source takes pride in serving the needs of photo enthusiasts, professional photographers and casual photographers from coast to coast.

Mission Statement

Foto Source is a group of professional experts in photography and memory making joined together to create a National brand. Our local stores excel at helping people in the photographic process from beginning to end. From the first step of purchasing equipment allowing them to capture the moments; to printing, creating, sharing and preserving their memories. Our quality products, professional experience and vast range of services means you can count on Foto Source to tell the story of your life anyway you choose.


Foto Source started in the late 1970's under the name of IPPD (Independent Professional Photo Dealers).

Our very first Member store was located in Oakville, Ontario. Mr. Ross Rawlings started McCutcheon's Foto Source and provided support, guidance and an extreme amount of personal time in the development of the group.

As the retail store group grew, the name was changed to Foto Source in 1994. This enabled us to develop a marketing component coupled with volume purchasing – an unbeatable combination that has provided exceptional growth.


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